Our Approach

The world of Business and Marketing has changed drastically over the past few years but even more from the 80's and 90's. We've replaced shaking hands with sharing posts, leaving a comment card to leaving a digital online review and walking into a brick & mortar for clicking onto someone's website. Dynamite MAD is here to guide you into the future or if need be take the reigns for you.

Our Story

D-MAD is built of the most creative individuals out of Southern California. We pride ourselves on being available seven days a week for our clients.

Meet the Team

A group of creative of friends from various backgrounds team up to conquer your marketing needs. When a project hits our radar we schedule a round table and develop the best strategy built for you. No two businesses are built the same and we know that. We are not an online firm that over books and under delivers. We limit ourselves to a maximum number of clients so no one is ever left out in the cold.

M. Pena

Creative Director

Constantly thinking, inventing and producing Michael is the man behind the overall structure behind D-MAD.

E. Teagan

Marketing Manager

Timing and Analysis is key to the proper marketing plan and that can only be handled by one man. Always strike while the iron is Hot!

J. Dhang

Graphic Designer

With over 9 years of design experience Dhang brings a quick, creative and professional eye to the table.

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